Graduate Students

Oxford Neurotheory is composed of several independent departments at the University of Oxford, each offering its own independent degree programme. We are still in the process of developing an interdisciplinary graduate programme in computational and theoretical neuroscience, but for the time being, it's best to approach each of us directly if you are interested in working with us. Depending on availability, your background and your current carreer step, we can then advise you how to proceed.

Generally speaking, most PIs in Oxford have only limited resources to support graduate students directly, because they apply for funding centrally, via departments or divisions. Only after they are admitted, funding is distributed, based on academic merit. Only after admission and funding have been decided on, a succesful applicant makes a choice regarding their future lab. Deadlines for STEM sciences are usually in early January. To do neurotheory, it's probably best to apply directly to the departmental programs, and in parallel also apply for a combined Masters/PhD spot via the Wellcome Trust MSc program, or other, similarly themed programs called Doctoral Training Programs in Life Sciences (The DTC programs don't have funding for overseas students though, so unless you hold a European passport, these programs are probably financially unsustainable for you). Because many of these programs are interdiciplinary, it's fair to say'that competition is stiff (between 1/40 to 1/15 of the applicants get a spot).

If you decide next year that you will be applying, do let me know what programs you are putting in for and I could see if I can put in a word for you.

Open positions

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